Bond & Bondi

Greetings from the Gold Coast! As I have spent more time in the Gold Coast, I find myself liking it more and more. I have met people from Canada, Finland, China, Germany, England, Australia and everywhere in between. Bond University (The Uni) is a very diverse and culturally rich school as the majority of students come from outside Australia. I am still attempting to pick up on some of the slang here, which can be more difficult than you might think. Although I have caught on to a few, and have even begun using some of the native terms. For example: Swimmers = Bathing Suit.

I am very happy to be living on campus for several reasons: classes are close, dinning rooms are convenient, single room, and free wifi and cable. Channel One on the tv is mostly random American broadcasting, with some Aussie shows scattered in. This is the go to time waster for myself and my fellow American corridor mates. We have been able to watch Get Smart, Modern Family and even the NFL. Although those are fun to watch, what Jared, Wade and myself look forward to at 4pm each day is, Bondi Rescue. This is an Australian show about a lifeguard crew on Bondi Beach. Bondi Rescue can be hilarious when you see a man stealing people’s valuables on the beach and pissing himself after getting caught. But it can turn to high intensity entertainment when they begin to save a drowning person caught in a bad rip-tide. Needless to say, Channel One is clutch.

Some things are not as clutch though. A few nights ago I decided to plug my mini fan in before I fell asleep… bad idea. Apparently the amount of Watts that the outlets work on did not match up to my fan. Not realizing this, I plugged my fan into the wall and turned off my lights to sleep. Only seconds later did my room light up after my fan exploded, bringing along a horrible stench. Luckily Wade’s RA instincts kicked in and he opened the window and told me to wave a shirt to prevent the fire alarm from going off. And I am sure glad he did, because we found out yesterday that if you trigger a smoke detector it is a hefty $1,070 fine.

I have also had the chance to enjoy the Gold Coast beaches as spring has just begun. It is great to be able to hop on the bus and spend a day at the beach. Along with enjoying the beach, I have spent a good amount of time at Market Square, located 2 blocks from my dorm. I had not discovered Market Square when I last blogged, and I have since found some cheap and delicious food options. Market Square is a great place to hang out and grab some sushi, pizza, breakfast rolls or a frozen coke. But the highlight of Market Square is the lake, which it runs along. There is a path that circles the lake and it is a neat place to relax.

Tonight is a formal dinner for all new students that live on-campus, which I am excited about. We have been informed that kangaroo is on the menu tonight along with other Aussie specialties. It should be a good ole time!

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