Highlights Thus Far 9/16

When I left you last week, I was on my way to our formal residence dinner. It was a very entertaining night that consisted of handling snakes (Yes Nana I held a large snake, but dont worry it was safe), crocodiles, and water dragons. I also got to try kangaroo and croc for the first time. Kangaroo is a very tough meat that tastes sort of like sausage and the crocodile I tried was quite bland. I also learned to not volunteer for something before I know what will be required of me. I volunteered to partake in a chicken wing eating contest before dinner. It was not a pretty sight. I ate 12 wings by the time the winner ate all 30 of his. Luckily I still had some room left for the actual dinner: steak, mahi mahi, veggies, and bread. This has by far been my favorite meal in Australia. This was a great event to meet other on-campus international students.

One of the big highlights (there have been several) of my time down under so far was a trip to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Here I got the opportunity to see some wildlife unique to this part of the world. Currumbin has wallabies, Tasmanian devils, dingos, kangaroos (which I got to hang out with), and several other interesting animals. Wade, Jared, and I also took on the black ropes course/zip-line that is on site. Needless to say, we conquered it, but not without a few slip ups and struggles.

The day after my visit to Currumbin, reality kicked in. Classes began. Each class consists of a 2 hour lecture class period followed by a 1 hour tutorial, which takes place sometime that week after the lecture. Classes got off to a good start, but lets be real, its school. Who wouldn’t rather be at the beach or hopping around with kangaroos? So I will no longer bore you with such uninteresting information. Dont worry Mom and Dad, I do occasionally study and attend my classes.

Now I will say I have been educating myself outside of the classroom as well. There are multiple trivia nights in Market Square which have brought out my competitive side. Team Quiztopher Columbus (Lauren, Shauna, Jared, Alice, Lara, Wade, and myself) has had  consecutive 4th place finishes, which is respectable considering we have gotten 0% of the Aussie questions correct. Our ultimate goal is to finish atop the trivia rankings, even if it’s just for one night. In case you were curious: If you rearrange the word “Oceanic” you can spell the word “Cocaine.” We earned a whopping 5-points for this worthless piece of knowledge.

Last night, Team Quiztopher Columbus, along with several other Bond students, attended a rugby match between The Quantas Wallabies (Australia) and Los Pumas (Argentina). Being the sports fanatic that I am, attending my first rugby match was an exciting event. The Wallabies won 23-19 in a dramatic 10-point comeback. Rugby is a much more exciting and entertaining sport than I originally gave it credit for. Although it still does not compare to American Football, I will say I got into the game more than I expected.

Along with the previously mentioned activities, I have been playing a good amount of beach volleyball. Although my volleyball skills are not at the level I would like them, my height does partially compensate for my white-boy-ups. I have also tested my two-handed bowling form on the Aussie lanes, losing by a single pin to my arch-rival and suite-mate, Wade Rothrock. Congrats mate!

I hope everyone back in the states is doing well. I would love to hear from each of you and find out about what is going on, on your side of the world. I miss you all, but I can’t say that I’m ready to come home quite yet.

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