Brief Update

I apologize for not updating this more often, but things have gotten very busy with school rapidly coming to a close in a few weeks. I wanted to update you all on my last couple of weeks though. The week after my return from Sydney I received a nice little wake up call, realizing just how much work I had to do before the end of November (end of classes). I had a 40% presentation last Wednesday, which went well, along with several other little things I had to complete. Wednesday night was a lot of fun as I got to go to see one of my favorite bands, Mumford & Sons, here in Gold Coast. I had a blast seeing them for a second time.

Last Sunday my friend Kelli got baptized, which was really awesome. This baptism was not a “normal” baptism for me, frankly it was a bigger spectacle than any I have ever been to. In Australia they do baptisms big time. They are an all day event at the beach which includes soccer, rugby, swimming, rock climbing, hanging out, and of course a good ole Aussie BBQ. I really enjoyed meeting lots of new people and watching Kelli and several other new believers get baptized in the salt water. I did however slice my foot open pretty good on a piece of coral, but luckily the sharks didn’t attack. Oh and Jared got stung by a jelly fish. But what is an Aussie baptism without a few minor wounds?

This week I have a lot of work to do as there are 4 major assignments due in a weeks period, beginning next week. After that, 4 exams and several days off are all that stand between me and returning home. My time here has flown by, and I’m sure the next several weeks will be no different. I registered for my spring semester at High Point, which is always overly stressful, but I got all of the class I wanted. I do have a couple of fun adventures coming up this weekend, but you will have to check back around Sunday to read about those. Right-O, back to my studies I go.

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