Cricket, Wicket, and a Train Ticket

Well, a few days ago when I promised another blog post, I assumed I would be discussing my recent trip to the Gondwana Rainforest. Unfortunately, the weather forecast prevented our group from going on our much anticipated day trip. Oh and did I mention, it ended up being partly cloudy and 72 degrees? You win some you lose some. Hopefully we will find another day to go, and I will in fact be able to tell you all about that trip. But since I promised all 12 of my readers, whom I appreciate greatly, a Sunday post, I could not let you all down.

Rainforest disappointment aside, this weekend was not too terrible. I have found that having no class of Friday is quite a treat, and I look forward to that same treat next semester. 3-day weekends allow for a lot more time (obviously) to have fun and get schoolwork done. This particular 3-day weekend, was spent watching sports, buying gifts, and writing essays. Friday, a group of us headed north to Brisbane, aboard the train, to watch day one of a 5 day Cricket Test Match between South Africa and Australia. Yes, you read that correctly, Cricket takes 5 full days to play. I will not fool any of you, Cricket is not the most adrenaline rushing sport out there. Frankly, it makes little league baseball seem fast paced.

This does not mean that I didn’t enjoy watching a couple of hours of the match. In fact, I took the opportunity to learn the rules and actually understand what was going on. I found that to be the most exciting part. We were lucky enough to see Australia make an out just after the lunch break, which is a big deal in a 5 day match. I can now officially say that I have been to an international Cricket match, so that in itself made the trip worth it. Apparently there are also 1 day and 3 hour matches that provide a lot more excitement, so maybe I will have to check one of those games out sometime.

After leaving the match, we headed for downtown Brisbane, which is a neat area. We spent some time just walking around town before we all decided to do some Christmas shopping. This is where the fun began. Honestly, I could have walked out of that store with one of everything. This was a nice change, as I usually struggle to buy family gifts, especially you Dad, but not this year. I wanted to buy it all. After spending a long time deliberating, I walked out satisfied.

Following shopping hour, we walked around a bit more and then headed back to campus on the train. You may remember me discussing a past experience on the train home from Brisbane, but this time we were able to dodge that nasty bullet.

The rest of my weekend was spent writing final reports and papers. It is crazy to think that in only two weeks I will be done with all of my semester’s work and exams will be the only thing remaining, which are two weeks after that. On another note, if anyone is feeling so generous, and wants to somehow mail me a fresh Chipotle chicken burrito, I will owe you big time. I miss American food quite a bit. I hope all is well wherever you may be reading this post. Happy November 11! It is a good day, trust me, I’m 15 hours in the future.     

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One thought on “Cricket, Wicket, and a Train Ticket

  1. Tricia says:

    You are turning into quite the writer Joel. Loved the update and can’t wait til you get home and you can eat all the burritos you want. I love you!

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